Colored Clay Millefiori 12.25" Teapot

Original work by Dean McRaine of LightWave studio. From the Rainbow Fish series - this is a hand-built porcelain teapot, high fired (2300 degrees) using my colored clay millefiori technique. It is glazed with a clear glaze w/crazing for durability and ease of cleaning (lead-free, non-toxic, food safe). This is a handmade original item and as such, there can be small irregularities.

The pictures are front, back, top and lid views including a close-up photo of the crazing effect in the glaze. Measures 12.25" x 11.5".

All shipments are lovingly packed with new & recycled packing materials. I’ve been shipping from Hawaii for 30 years, and I really don’t like to have my pieces broken on their way home.

Dean McRaine