Colored Clay Millefiori 14" Modern Amphora Jar


Original work by Dean McRaine of LightWave studio. From the Psychedelic Nature series - this is a wheel thrown Modern Amphora jar, high fired (2300 degrees) using my colored clay millefiori technique. It is glazed with a clear glaze for durability and ease of cleaning (lead-free, non-toxic, food safe). This is a handmade original item and as such, there can be small irregularities.

The pictures are front, back, top and lid views. The height is measured from the base to the top of the lid.

Dimensions: 14" x 6.5"

This is a modern interpretation of a form that was widely used for food storage and transportation particularly in the Mediterranean area prior to the Industrial Revolution. Ceramic food storage vessels have been made for many thousands of years. Their designs are as varied as the intended uses and the cultures and the potters who have made them.

My psychedelic style has grown out of my own personal history as a part of the Vietnam era counterculture of the 60's and the 30+ years I have spent making and studying pottery. This modern amphora jar is part of my latest expedition of artistic discovery. I’ve taken classic vessels (teapots, temple jars, etc.) and let the spirit of these forms whisper in one ear while my personal Muse whispers in my other.

Each piece is the result of many hours of work and much experimentation with new construction techniques and design ideas.

Dean McRaine